Bag Filters


  • Filtration of fluids and gases
  • Usable with standard filter bags of size 1 and 2 (plastic collar, steel collar)
  • High flow rates through combination of housings
  • In- und outlet with height offset
  • Welded housings and inserts of stainless steel as well as housings and inserts of plastic 
  • Max. allowable pressure 10 bar
  • Max. allowable temperature 80°C
  • Hinged cover with eyescrews
  • Easy installation with adjustable feet
  • Design and calculation acc. PED 2014/68/EU
  • Optional TÜV-acceptance, higher pressures and temperatures, heating jacket, special materials, special seals, davit, monitoring the differential pressure, magnetic column, displacement elements, installation as dual lfilter, ball valves for changeover, coatings etc. 
  • Custom design
Type Bag type Filter area In-/Outlet Material housing
DELTA-BF-K-1-1-2  Size 1
0.25 m² R 2" BSP inner thread
DELTA-BF-K-1-2-2  Size 2
0.5 m² PN16
DELTA-BF-K-1-2-3  Size 2
0.5 m² DN80
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